A few weeks ago, I asked if you would be kind enough to report when you saw the last ruby-throated hummingbird in your yard this year.  Responses to my request came from throughout the entire state.  Here is a brief summary of what they responses revealed.

       Departure days spread over 21 days extending from October 5 through October 25.

       A Monroe homeowner last saw a hummingbird October 25.

       Unfortunately, I do not have the name of the location where the earliest departure date took place.

       Interestingly, most of the departures (47%) took place during a four-day period extending from October 11-14.

       Most hummingbird watchers indicated that only one bird was the last to leave their yards.  However, one blogger saw two (an immature male and a female) the last time they sighted hummers this year. One blogger even spotted three hummingbirds on the last day of their hummingbird season. My wife saw the last ruby-throated hummingbird in our Monroe County backyard October 12. This bird was nectaring at Turk’s cap blossoms.

       While practically all of the rubythroats have now left Georgia, don’t forget we are in our second hummingbird season.  If you maintain at least one feeder throughout the winter, you just might attract a rare western migrant this winter. 

       One of the bloggers responding to the survey wrote that during recent winters, two wintering hummingbirds have shown up in their backyard.  One of them was an Anna’s hummingbird.

       I want to thank everyone that took the time to participate in this survey. I hope you found the results of this survey fascinating. I know I sure did.


  1. I know this is a little late for responding but I actually had a female Ruby throat show up in my yard on 10/31. I hadn’t seen one for a couple of weeks. She was flitting around the Mexican sunflowers. I only saw her the one time that afternoon. I still had two of my hummer feeders up. I live in Lawrenceville, GA.

    • Suzy,

      Thanks for telling me about your late sighting. I will definitely add it to the list. Regardless of how long you wait to write a column like that, there is always the possibility that somebody will report a later sighting. The important thing is that the survey benefits from you data.


  2. November 6,2023 at 2pm
    Walked out in the garage and saw a hummer in a patch of zinnias just outside the garage. I have a feeder out and have firespike and bleeding-heart vine in full bloom.
    Last year I saw a hummer on Dec.9,2022.
    Kate Swiderski

    • Kate,

      It is good to hear from you. Thanks for the sightings. Your sightings are the latest that have been reported.


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