About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated with the natural world. This led me to a career in wildlife conservation.  For more than three decades, I was employed by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, first as a wildlife biologist, and then as the program manager of the Nongame-Endangered Wildlife Program.

When I retired, I did not leave my passion for wildlife conservation behind. As such, I currently serve as a volunteer with the Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Section.  In this capacity, I conduct butterfly and bird surveys on state lands, and coordinate the Community Wildlife Project.  I also present programs on birds, butterflies and other nongame animals throughout the state.  Additionally I am currently the Executive Director of The Environmental Resources Network (TERN).  This is the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Section’s friends group.

During my career I had the unique opportunity help conserve a kaleidoscope of wildlife species ranging from wood ducks and white-tailed deer to bald eagles and hummingbirds. One group of wildlife that has long been of particular interest to me are those animals that live in our backyards and neighborhoods.  My interest in our wildlife neighbors prompted me to create this blog.  It is my hope that the blog will help young and old alike make a lasting connection with these special creatures.

Terry W. Johnson