I am sure you have recently been enjoying waking up to temperatures in the low 50s as much as I have.  On these special early fall mornings, I love stepping out on the deck and take in the sights and sounds that surround me.

       One thing that I have noticed is no butterflies are visiting the globe amaranth, zinnias, garden balsam, and scarlet sage growing in pots on the deck.  However, each day I have spotted small bumblebees visiting scarlet sage blossoms.

       Being able to begin feeding before butterflies and other pollinators arrive is a definite advantage to the hard-working bumblebees.

        Remarkably, bumblebees can fly when it dips down as low as 40º F. As such, since the temperatures in my neck of woods should not drop below 40º F for a few weeks, I will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching bumblebees are hard at work for some time to come.




    • Ka,

      That is disheartening news. You knew it was going to happen; however, this is the first someone has taken the time to tell me about it.
      It is scary to think what might happen in the future.


  1. Always enjoy watching all sizes of bumblebees, Terry. Lately enjoyed the smaller ones on our Georgia savory blossoms.The savory has just started blooming heavily. We have a bidens plant that has been blooming since March. They thrive in drought and heat and do well with deadheading and light trimming. We have an Amistad salvia that attracts bumblebees readily, also. Still seeing a few swallowtail caterpillars on the fennel. I counted ten zebra longwings yesterday. They’ve done well this summer.

    • William,
      Wow! Your comment is full of neat information. You mentioned a couple of plants my wife and I have never tried in our gardens (Amistad salvia & Georgia savory). The Georgia savory looks much like Mountain mint. As for Zebra longwings, they never made up our way this summer. We sure do miss them.


  2. Enjoy bumblebees greatly and am amazed that they are active in quite cool weather. We are seeing some of smaller ones on our Georgia savory as it blooming heavily now. They visit our Amistad salvia and bidens in large numbers. These two plants have been blooming since March surviving the freezing temps on the 13th of March.Still seeing a few swallowtail caterpillars on the fennel. I counted ten zebra longwings yesterday. They have done well this year.

    • Nudicale,

      Fantastic! The zebras didn’t make it to our home this year. It sounds like you have a lot of flowers blooming in your yard this year. That is great as it is often difficult for pollinators to find enough food this time of the year.


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