In a few weeks, ruby-throated hummingbirds will be making the long trip from their winter home to Georgia. Those hummers that fly across the Gulf of Mexico have long are arduous flight without having the luxury of stopping to rest or refuel.      

       Depending on where they take off and land, this migratory flight spans anywhere from 500 to 600 miles of open water. In order to successfully make the flight, a rubythroat must beat its wings some 2.7 million times. To top it all off, a hummingbird may use only 3/40th of an ounce of fuel.


    • Martha,

      There are just so many amazing things about hummingbirds that defy our imagination. Is it any wonder we love them so much?

  1. Alan,

    We don’t have to wait much longer before this amazing birds appear in our backyards. For many of us here in Georgia, they begin arriving in March.

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