Feeding Blue Birds


QUESTION: My wife and I have been watching a pair of bluebirds feeding their young in one of our nest boxes for nearly three weeks.  We have become concerned that perhaps one or more of the babies cannot get out, as it seems well past the time the young birds should have fledged.  What should we do?

ANSWER:   If I were you, I would not be concerned over the fate of the young bluebirds housed in your nesting box. I would just sit back and enjoy watching the adults bringing food to their rapidly growing brood.

Typically bluebirds will fledged when they are anywhere from 17 to 20 days old.  When they finally begin vacating the box, it can take two or more hours for all of the youngsters to leave.  However, it is not uncommon for one or two members of the brood to make their first flight the following day.

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