October is the month when the last few ruby-throated hummingbirds that have been swarming about our feeders and flowers for weeks finally depart.  My wife saw what appears to be the last holdout in our yard October 12.  This bird was nectaring at a shiny red Turk’s cap blossom.  One of our fellow Monroe Countians reported a rubythroat was still visiting her feeder on October 15. 

       Typically, in Georgia the last rubythroats of the year have flown south by the end of the month.  At this time of the year, it is impossible to know if a bird seen then came from an area north of Georgia or spent the summer locally. In addition, each winter a handful of rubythroats actually winter in the Peach State.  I have seen this happen most often along the coast and in the Thomasville area.

       I am very interested in knowing when you saw your last ruby-throated hummingbird.  With that in mind, I would appreciate it if you would let me know when the last rubythroat graced your backyard.  If you do respond to my request, let me know where you live (e.g. Forsyth, Monroe County).

       I have been studying hummingbirds for quite some time. 

      Any information you can offer, will help me better understand the life history of these fascinating little birds.



  1. I saw what I believe to be the last hummingbird of the season on Sunday, Oct. 8th.
    There were quite a few during the summer (not as many as last year) and up to 6 or 7 at two feeders during the peak migration time.
    Eastlake Atlanta 30317

  2. Howdy! Love your posts! My last ruby throated hummer sighting was about a week ago. Two, in fact. He visited our feeder and by the looks of it, has really enjoyed having it all to himself. We are in northeast Cobb county.

    • Thanks for your report. I know you’re probably already looking toward next spring and the arrival of a hummer.

  3. Last humming bird 10-12 october so far. “First” song sparrow in my relatively upland site only hosting them in winter. No white crowned sparrows yet which usually arrive (and leave in the spring) about the same time. Northwest corner of Forsyth County at elevation of 1230 feet.

    • Thanks for the hummingbird report. We have not seen our first song sparrow yet, and I have never seen a white-crowned sparrow on my Forsyth, Ga. yard.

  4. Terry,we saw a rubythroat yesterday, 18 OCT>. My son saw two this morning at the same time in Ludowici. By the way, I live in Fitzgerald.

  5. I live in Lilburn, Gwinnett County, very close to Stone Mountain Park. My last ruby throat sighting was 2 days ago, October 17. I think it was one of my “regulars” because I had seen at least one every day until then. I keep a Google calendar of notable wildlife sightings, including first and last ruby-throat of the year. Last year the last one was on October 18. Feeders are still up for any transients heading south.

  6. Our last Hummer was Saturday the 14th, October. We have never noticed any staying longer than the 5th. A new record for us.

  7. Terry,we saw one on 18 Oct and I reside in Fitzgerald. My son in Ludowici observed two at the same time this morning.

  8. So enjoy your posts! We had Anna’s hummingbirds winter over when we lived in Decatur several years ago. Then one over the winter in the Lake Oconee area 3 years ago. Now we live in Sky Valley, and they seem to leave in September. Not sure the exact date of the last one, but it was shortly after Labor Day this year.
    – Maggie Waggoner

  9. We live in Walton County, GA. Most of ours leave during the first week of September. This is the first year that I’ve noticed a couple hanging around after most have left. One left during the third week of September and the last one didn’t leave until early October. I was relieved when the last one left.

    • Thanks for your report. Please don’t worry about the birds’ departure–they will leave when their bodies tell them it is time to go.

  10. I saw my last ones, a juvenile male and a female, on Oct. 13th. I will leave my feeders up until the end of the month. I will leave the one outside of the kitchen window up for the winter in hopes I see a stray. I am in Gwinnett County, Dacula.

  11. Hi Terry, the last time I noted in my diary seeing one H’bird at my feeders was Tuesday, October 10th. However, with the installation of the new glass in my 17 windows in the solarium, and the mockingbird attacking 9 of them, my mind was not always on watching out for H’birds, as you know!!

    Rosanne Tyner

  12. I saw my last hummer on the same day as my last chemo treatment, on Oct.13. Words cannot explain how magical it felt to have at least one stay long enough to see me through my treatments. I am in the Lawrenceville area.

  13. Sunday, Oct. 22 was the last sighting at our feeder in Leesburg, Ga. In the week prior we had 2 or 3, all females I think or juveniles, visiting regularly at the feeder and nearby blooms of cypress vine and kalanchoe. Thank you for wonderful blog!

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