Whenever we spend some time in our yards there is always the chance that we will encounter a snake.  Consequently, what is to best way to react when you do see one?

       To begin with, according to the state herpetologist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Daniel Sollenberger, chances are the snake you see will not be poisonous.  The reason for this is that out of the 47 species of snakes native to Georgia only 7 are poisonous.  In addition, the copperhead is the species that is usually found in suburban areas.

       When you see a snake, here is what the Georgia Department of Natural Resources recommends that you do.

       Do not attempt to handle it. Give the reptile a wide berth. If possible, take a photo of the snake.

       If you cannot identify it, a good source of information can be located at snakes.

       Remember, state law protects our native nonpoisonous snakes. In addition, federal law protects the eastern indigo snake.

       Since the snakes in your yard are trying to hunt down prey such as insects, small mammals, amphibians and even other snakes, they should be allowed to escape into nearby cover.  However, if you locate a potential poisonous snake that poses a potential danger to you, your family, or pets, do not try to remove it yourself.  Instead, your best course of action is to contact a private wildlife removal specialist.  You can obtain a list of them by going to

       If you have any questions regarding snakes, contact Daniel Sollenberger, senior wildlife biologist – (478) 994-1438;



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