In a recent blog, I wrote about my quest to spot a golden-crowned kinglet in my yard.  Since I wrote that blog, I have heard golden-crowned kinglets in my yard several times; however, I have yet to see a bird.

       In the meantime, one of our fellow bloggers was kind enough to share his amazing encounter with a golden-crowned kinglet.  In addition to describing his experience, he offers advice as to where we might find the world’s smallest perching bird.

  December 11, 2022, Donald wrote, Hi. I was sitting very still in the woods about around 7:40 am last week observing roosted turkeys and a small and very active male golden-crowned kinglet landed on the branch in front of me.  He was quite noisy and active and flew all over the small wood.  Very specific call.  I would suggest heavily wood areas with low shrubs.

       As Donald noted, golden-crowned kinglets are always on the move.  In, fact during the winter it is not rare for a golden-crowned kinglet to stop foraging for more than two seconds before resuming its quest for food.  Finding enough food during a winter day is a matter of life and death.  If, for any reason, a kinglet is unable to locate any food for an hour or two during the day, it just may die during the night.

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