Attracting brown thrashers to feeders is a difficult proposition.  However, as tough as it is nowadays, during the early 20th century, sighting brown thrashers eating at feeders was an extremely rare event.

       One of the difficulties we face trying to entice the birds to our feeders is brown thrashers prefer to feed on the ground.  In fact, they rarely visit hanging feeders at all.  However, they will sometimes feed on feeding tables and platform feeders.

       The birds that do show up at our feeders seem to prefer dining on mixed seed and millet scattered on the ground.  Occasionally they will also dine on the likes of black-oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, millet, and wheat.  Recently I saw a brown thrasher fly off with a small piece of bread.


       The one food that the brown thrashers in my yard favor above all others is a bird pudding laced with peanuts and peanut butter.  In fact, I would so far as to say that well more 90 percent of the times I have watched brown thrashers visiting my bird feeding area they fed on this greasy food. 


    • Thanks for the information. I wish I could say thrashers feed on suet that often at my feeder. They are a treat to see whenever they show up.


  1. In addition to Brown Thrasher, Mockingbirds and Catbirds hit the suet cake
    at our house too. Guess they have to keep the throat lubricated for all
    that “singing”! Blue Jays make a try at the suet too but have difficulty
    getting at it.

    • John,

      You are spot on with regards of mockingbirds and catbirds. I have not seen blue jays trying to feed on it yet. I will have to add blue jays to be list of birds that feed on suet. Thanks for the information.


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