Over the past few weeks, birds have been serenading us with a chorus of songs.  More often than not, we never catch a glimpse of the songsters that are filling the air with their pleasing notes.  This can be frustrating if we cannot identify birds by their songs and calls.

       Learning to identify the vocalizations of birds can seem impossible when you consider Georgia is home to hundreds of species of birds.  For many, the easiest way to begin learning bird songs and calls is to translate these sounds into words.

       If you are interested in trying this technique, here is a short list of translations you might find helpful.

Northern Cardinal – cheer, cheer, cheer; purty, purty, purty or

what-cheer, what-cheer, what-cheer

Eastern Bluebird – cheer, cheerful, charmer

Eastern Towhee – drink-your-teeee  or tow-whee

Tufted Titmouse – peter, peter, peter

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