For some reason, I have heard more folks complain they are having a tough time attracting birds to their feeders than I have in years.  If you are in this camp, here is a tip that sometimes solves the problem.  For reasons we do not understand, white bread has the ability to attract birds when nothing else will.  It is particularly effective in luring birds to brand new feeders.

       The birds don’t seem to care if the bread is fresh and stale, they will eat both.  If you try to feed them brown bread, though, you quickly learn feeder birds much prefer white bread.

       I can remember the time when feeding bread was frowned upon because it was considered a poor source of nutrition.  Nowadays since the grocery store shelves are stocked with enriched bread, I do not hear these warnings anymore.

       The ideal way to feed bread to your feathered guests is to break it up into small pieces.  These pieces can be placed on feeding tables and trays or simply scattered on the ground.

       One of the neat things about bread is most of the birds that visit our feeders will eat bread.  In addition, it is even consumed by birds we rarely see at our feeders such as hermit thrushes.

       As is usually the case, I cannot offer you a 100% guarantee this solution will work for you.  However, it has been my experience it works more often than not.  Give it a try, what have you have to lose?



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