This week a blogger from Warner Robins reported that Baltimore orioles have shown up at her feeder.  This is the first report I have received of Baltimore orioles appearing in the Peach state this fall.

              As anybody that follows this blog knows, Baltimore orioles have become regular winter visitors throughout the state.  As such, those of us that feed birds are constantly trying to offer foods that will attract these gorgeous birds to our backyards.

       Recently during a talk gave in Warner Robins, I mentioned grape jelly seems to be the oriole’s food preferred winter food.  However, I mentioned that repeatedly folks that have fed orioles grape jelly claim the birds don’t cater to just any jelly.  It is their contention the birds far and away prefer Welch’s grape jelly to all other brands.

       One of the people in the audience that day added grape jelly to her backyard bird-feeding menu that includes such favorites as black oil sunflower seeds, and dried mealworms.

       This week she thrilled that Baltimore orioles have shown up at her feeders.  While she expected the birds would partake in the jelly, she was surprised to see the birds are currently only dining on mealworms.  

       Based on this experience I am adding mealworms to the list of foods bloggers have reported being used by Baltimore orioles.

       Here is a complete list of these foods:  grape jelly, sasanqua petals, hummingbird nectar, satsumas, grapes, and dried mealworms.

       If orioles show up in your yard this winter, please let me know when they arrived and what foods they are eating.

       For a complete list of all of the blogs I have written on Baltimore Orioles, type the word oriole in the search bubble found in the top right hand corner of the first page of the blog.

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