Interest in incorporating native plants into home landscapes has never been greater.  However, homeowners often tell me they want to plant natives in their yards; however, they simply cannot find them.

       Indeed, this is a problem in many areas in the state.  It seems most nurseries stock few, if any native plant.  However, there are nurseries that sell native when.  The problem is most people do not know who or where they are.

       In an effort to remedy this situation, I am creating a list of nurseries that sell plants native to Georgia.

       The first nursery on the list is Vincent Gardens (  This nursery is located in Douglas, Georgia. 

       While plants can be bought at the nursery, they do a brisk mail order business.

       When you visit their colorful and informative website, you will find scores of plants; most of these plants are native to Georgia.  Each plant has some value to wildlife.

       Most plants are illustrated with a color photo.  Accompanying the photo is a details description of the plant’s foliage type, hardiness zone, light preference, mature height and growth type, soil preference, blooming time, wildlife use, and whether or not it is a larval host plant.



  1. Dear Terry,

    Thank you for this informative article with the Vincent Gardens lead! I will check them out next.

    I have learned so much from your posts (I subscribe to the email) and I like the length – it’s something I can digest in a brief break from work and feel a quick boost of knowledge. This winter I’ve been keeping my eye open for sheltering birds in the red cedars and dreaming that an overwintering hummingbird might-just-might find their way to our clean feeder. 🙂

    My husband and I agree about how hard it has become to find native plants (and all good/interesting plants). It’s getting increasingly difficult to find plants that are outside the box, literally . . . that are outside the same-old plants the big box stores carry. With that in mind we have opened a mail order nursery, here in Georgia. I will email you separately with info that you can include in your new series, should you find it suitable.

    Again, thank you so much for writing about plant sources in Georgia!! One of our favorite things to do it take a drive and come back with a car load of plants. Many of our favorite nurseries have closed, so I am so excited to learn about more sources in our upcoming posts.


  2. Dear Terry,

    This is Hillary from Cutting Edge Plants. I posted on your blog this morning. Thanks again for all your informative posts and for your latest nursery series!

    Last summer we started growing plants to sell on-line this spring. We plan to open our “door” in May.

    We’re a licensed nursery specializing in shrubs and will carry natives, nativars, and non-invasive exotics (we know Buddlia is invasive in some climates, but we have not seen that in the South – we cannot ship to Oregon where it is highly invasive so we have decided to carry a few Buddleia because of the butterfly load it attracts).

    There are some nativars that are sterile (and therefore not pollinators) and we will be clear about these matters in our plant descriptions, but our goal is to completely shy away from sterile nativars.

    I’m writing in the hopes that you’ll one day include our website,, in your series. A live link back to our site is invaluable in terms of Google thinking our site is worth ranking on the first page of results. Google weights a live link as a vote. I am eager to return the favor in on of my own blog posts by linking back to your site.

    We don’t have our plants store up yet, but are working on it every day. For now, we have inventory sneak peeks on our blog.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this and in your hours writing all your posts. I’m a horticulturist and your blog has taken me a step further in learning about the ecosystem around me. Invaluable!

    Sincerely, [image: ]Hillary Thompson mobile: 706-340-7897

    On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 9:24 PM, backyardwildlifeconnection wrote:

    > backyardwildlifeconnection by Terry W.Johnson posted: ” Interest in > incorporating native plants into home landscapes has never been greater. > However, homeowners often tell me they want to plant natives in their > yards; however, they simply cannot find them. Indeed, this is a > problem in many area” >


  3. Hillary,
    I am so happy to hear that you are starting a nursery that will deal in native plants. Let me know when you get up and running. I would like to post it.


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