Prior to the frigid weather that gripped the state during the first week of January, I had not received a single report of a Baltimore oriole appearing in a backyard.  Since then two homeowners have let me know orioles have arrived in their yards.

       A woman that lives in Roswell made the first report.  The second came from a resident of Lizella.

       The Lizella blogger wrote her oriole was feeding on mealworm cakes.  This marked the first time anyone has reported to me a Baltimore oriole dining on this unusual food offering.

       In case you are not familiar with this odd food, a mealworm cake is nothing more than hundreds of freeze-dried mealworms compressed into a long rectangular cake.  The cakes are offered to birds in a wire mesh feeder.

       Interestingly, during the past week a wildlife enthusiast that lives in Woodland told me that five eastern bluebirds were dining on her mealworm cake.

       Perhaps this is something you might want to try at your feeders.

       For more information on feeding Baltimore orioles in winter, go the search bubble on the blog and type in Baltimore orioles.  Hit the search button and a blog I posted on April 4, 2017 entitled, Odd Foods Eaten by Baltimore orioles will appear.  The piece includes a list of other foods Baltimore orioles will eat in Georgia backyards.


  1. A single Baltimore Oriole has been on my feeder since 2nd week April. Feeding on Suet Cakes. I placed orange halves out to attract more. I’m in Midwest Southeast Missouri

  2. I saw a Baltimore Oriole this morning and I live in Kentucky, is this uncommon, this is my first time ever seeing one!!!

  3. I live just south of Buffalo NY and have had 3 beautiful male orioles at my feeders since yesterday, May 2. Today they’ve been very active at the feeders and a female has joined them.

  4. Springfield, MO
    Two male Bullock’s Orioles have been visiting our Hummingbird feeders since May 8th. This is the first time any have done this that we know of. Only had sporadic sightings during the years. Appeared to be eating the ants which were attracted to the feeders. Hoping we can entice them to stay around.

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