We Georgians know the fall foliage show in north Georgia far and away surpasses anything seen elsewhere in the Peach State.  However, there are a number of small native trees that grow throughout the state that display breathtaking fall foliage.  With that in mind, when planted in yard settings they can provide you and your family with a taste of fall color without making the trek to the mountains. 
Here is a short list of some of the small to medium-sized trees that you might want to consider will produce bright splotches in your backyard.
        Flowering Dogwood – Although this tree is well known for its beautiful spring blossoms, its fall foliage is stunning.  In autumn, the tree’s elliptical leaves vary from red to maroon.  Its bright red berries add immeasurably to the flowering dogwood’s autumn portrait.
        Sourwood – The fall color of this tree is bright red, and accented with clusters of green.
        Redbud – The redbud is plant more often for its purplish pink early spring flowers that its foliage.  However, in autumn, the tree’s heart-shaped leaves turn greenish yellow.
        Sassafras – The leaves of this small tree father either one or two lobes.  The two-lobed leaves look much like mittens.  Regardless of their shape, their red, yellow, or orange color rivals anything we see in the state.
        Blackgum – In addition to bearing bright red foliage in fall, this tree is a great source of food for many species of wildlife.

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