The Backyard Wildlife Connection has learned that a second albino hummingbird has shown up in the state this summer.

       This beautiful, rare bird first appeared at a hummingbird feeder in Cheryl and Ken’s backyard in Warm Springs on August 6.  Remarkably this flying jewel enjoyed the hospitality of these two hummingbird fanciers until August 27.

       The lucky couple named the bird Twilight.  From the pictures that accompany this blog, I think you will agree that Twilight is a fitting name for this gorgeous hummingbird.

       During the time that Twilight stayed in Cheryl and Ken’s yard, it provided the couple with countless photographic opportunities.  They also enjoyed watching the bird’s aerial acrobatics, and compete for food with a swarm of hungry ruby-throated hummingbird bedecked in typical plumage.

       This warm spring couple feels honored that this little white bird spent a brief time with them.  For some 22 days, Twilight brightened both their yard and lives in ways that are hard to express in words.

       Every day since Twilight left Cheryl and Ken have gone outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the very special hummingbird that left behind a wealth of memories.

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