It is always a delight to see a rose-breasted grosbeak feeding at a backyard feeder. However, the vast majority of us only see this bird as it passes through our state on migration during the spring and fall.

Sadly, during some years rose-breasted grosbeaks are common diners at our backyard feeders, while in other years they are no-shows.  From the reports that I have received this year, rose-breasted grosbeaks have not been seen by most homeowners.

The adult male rose-breasted grosbeak is one of  the most striking birds that visits our backyards.  The adult male is predominantly black and white and sports a bright red triangle on its breast.  If you are lucky enough to see the feathers on the undersides of its wings you will discover that they are pink.

The female rose-breasted grosbeak is brown and white and looks much like a super-sized sparrow.

During its first fall the young male rose-breasted grosbeak looks much like a female with a blush of red on its breast.




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